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completed transfers
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2005-12-31 Youth System Free Transfer
2014-01-27 P_Parisi Dudley Dragons AC Coolios 6,000,000
2006-11-29 C_Abraham Breffni Blues AC Coolios 4,500,000
2008-04-08 D_Agger FC Vikings AC Coolios 7,000,000
2014-10-01 Z_Zubizaretta Youth System AC Coolios Free Transfer
2009-11-19 H_Matata Youth System AC Coolios Free Transfer
2017-07-05 S_Bekenhauzer Free Market AC Coolios 6,056,442
2006-12-01 B_Wells Devon Sunrays AC Coolios Loan for 22 weeks
2012-12-21 F_Barry Fair City Swifts AC Coolios Loan for 15 weeks
2005-05-06 M_Heaps Sloths Celtic AC Coolios 1,400,000
2008-06-27 P_Weller Auckland Utd AC Coolios 4,000,000
2016-09-02 B_Choplin The Hitman Uprising AC Coolios Loan for 19 weeks
2010-07-25 D_McInally Free Market AC Coolios 1,900,500
2017-04-27 A_Hopton Hebden Bridge Aliens AC Coolios 20,000,000
2017-04-27 W_Wilberforce FC Vikings AC Coolios 40,000,000
2012-05-17 Q_McSwasiland Free Market AC Coolios 6,104,532
2016-09-03 E_Rowan FC West Leigh AC Coolios 2,977,550
2016-01-15 P_Germani Leicester Lightning AC Coolios Loan for 15 weeks
2016-09-03 S_Henchoz FC West Leigh AC Coolios 1,860,990
2006-09-28 J_Bryant Fair City Swifts AC Coolios 4,050,000
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